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View your live stream metrics

About Live Stream Monitoring

You can monitor how a particular stream performs using Live Stream Monitoring. This tool provides metrics that can help you observe the performance of a stream and detect and resolve issues as they happen or retrospectively (i.e., once the stream has ended). These data are stored for a year for recordkeeping purposes.

Live Stream Monitoring allows you to monitor the following metrics:

  • Video bitrate. This displays the bitrate of the source stream (in Kbps).
  • FPS. This displays the frame rate of the source stream (in fps).
  • Interval between key frames. This displays the key frame interval of the source stream.

Open the monitoring page

To view the Live Stream Monitoring page:

1. Go to Streaming in Gcore Customer Portal.

2. Click Streaming, then open Live streaming.

3. Click the three dots next to the stream whose metrics you want to view (it can be a finished or ongoing stream).

4. Select Monitoring.


Use the monitoring page

The Live Stream Monitoring page consists of the following elements:

  1. Metrics. This allows you to select the metric to monitor. It defaults to Video bitrate.
  2. Date. This allows you to select the date for which you want to monitor the metric. It defaults to the current date.
  3. Time. This allows you to select the 1-hour time range for which you want to monitor the metric. It defaults to the current hour.
  4. Time series graph. This displays the data for the selected metric, date, and time range at a 1-minute step.
Live Stream Monitoring page

You can hover the cursor over any data point on the chart to see the value of the selected metric (Kbps, fps, or key frame interval) in the tooltip. In this example, we have a point that shows the value of the key frame interval.


Use stream metrics to troubleshoot

Live Stream Monitoring can be useful in debugging issues that originate at the source stream. For example, you see an unstable bitrate, too many key frames, or gaps in the graph. This indicates that there might be some missing or dropped frames with the source. You can then check your source and start working on the problem.

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