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AI Video Services


Gcore AI Video Services provides advanced video content processing, including subtitle generation. This service is a part of Gcore Video Streaming. It provides instant, efficient, and cost-effective results.

Gcore AI ASR is a Whisper ASR-powered audio recognition feature that automatically converts audio to text (transcription) and translates it to generate accurate and readable subtitles (translation), which can be seamlessly added to videos.

AI infrastructure

We utilize our own Gcore infrastructure to execute AI models, ensuring that all data is processed within our company on EU and US servers, minimizing the risk of data leaks.

Using a unified infrastructure facilitates the integration of your project with other Gcore AI-powered solutions, such as the AI GPU Cloud for accelerating machine learning and FastEdge for low-latency edge computing for serverless app deployment.

Activating AI Video Services

To activate the AI Video Services for your account, send a request to our technical support. While the general usage of the AI video service is free, certain features, like translation, may incur charges. For more details, refer to our API documentation.

Available features

Upon activation, you can use API methods for subtitle generation and translation. However, these features are only available for videos.

Development of subtitle generation for Live Streaming is underway and will be released soon.

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