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Organize uploaded videos

How to organize videos

There are two ways to organize videos in the Gcore Customer Portal:

  • Use folders—separate directories for the videos.
  • Use tags—grouping keywords.

Let’s examine the difference between the two ways. For example, you have 100 videos in the Streaming storage. They have been divided into two folders by date: 50 videos in the "10.31.2022" folder and another 50—in the "11.01.2022". You need to group videos by other criteria: "teaser", "clip", and "short film" types. To do this, you do not need to create new folders and lose the date separation. You can add relevant tags to the appropriate videos. The tag list will appear in the Gcore Customer Portal, and you can filter videos by them. The videos will still be in two folders.

How to use folders

Create a folder and upload videos

1. Go to the Videos tab, press the Add button, and select Create a folder.

Videos tab,

2. Enter the folder name in the pop-up and click Create.


3. The created folder will open. Press the Add button and select Upload video to upload a video or videos from your PC or the originating site to this folder.

Upload video

Move videos to a folder

1. Open the Videos tab and check the boxes to the left of the videos you want to move.

2. Click Move in the line that appears on top.

3. Select the target folder and confirm the actions.

Videos tab

Delete a folder

Note: Videos from the folder will be permanently deleted, and you won’t be able to restore them. If you want to delete only the folder, don’t forget to move the videos to another one prior to deleting it.

To delete a folder with content, click the ··· icon opposite the relevant folder, select Remove directory, and confirm the actions.

Delete a folder

How to use tags

Add a tag to a video

1. Go to the Video tab and open the settings of the desired video.

2. To add a new tag, specify its name into the Tags field and press Enter. To add an existing tag, select it from the drop-down list below.

You can add as many tags as you want.

3. Save the changes.

Add a tag to a video

Filter videos by tags

You will see the list of created tags on the left in the Video tab. To filter videos by tag, click on the tag’s name.

Filter videos by tags

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