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Create an illusion of a live broadcast with uploaded videos

What is Live imitation?

Live imitation is a free feature that is used for broadcasting videos uploaded to your account in live mode.

Example: You are the owner of a movie streaming service. On September 1, you are going to premiere a new series for your viewers. One way to do it is to use the Live imitation feature. In this case, you upload episodes to our Streaming Platform as usual videos and select the start date and time (e.g., September 1 at 9 pm). So, up to this moment, videos will not be shown. Your viewers will be able to see it only at a fixed time. From their point of view, it would not look like watching a video but like a live stream.

Enlable Live imitation

To enable the feature, send us a request via support@gcore.com or the chat window in the bottom-right corner of our website. Please specify your ID in the request, so that we can identify your account. You can find it on the main page of your control panel.

 specify your ID

The message template: "Greetings! Please enable the Live imitation feature for an account with ID … (your ID)".

We will notify you when the feature is activated. After that, you will be able to use it for your account.

Configure Live imitation

1. Upload videos that you want to broadcast in live mode as a live stream according to 1–4 steps in the Upload a video and embed it to your app guide.

2. Go to the Live imitation section and click Create a Live imitation.

Create a Live imitation

3.Enter its name and click Create in the pop-up.

Create a Live imitation popup

A new window will open. Complete the remaining steps in it.

Complete the remaining steps

4. Leave the feature activated. If the toggle is turned off, Live imitation won’t be broadcast even if it’s embedded on the website.

5. (optional) Enable the Add a video with a 30 second countdown toggle if you want to add a 30-second countdown before the start.

6. Set the date and time when the video should start. Pay attention: our system will automatically detect your time zone, and the start time you set will be in it. If your spectators are in another location, set the time considering the difference with GMT.

7. (optional) Change the name of Live imitation if necessary. It is displayed only in the Streaming control panel. Your users won’t see this.

8. Copy the Iframe code of our player and embed it on your website or app. Live imitation will be shown by this code.

9. Add videos that you want to show in Live imitation. You can add several videos. They will be played from the top to the bottom of the list. Drag and drop the video, if you want to change the playback order.

10. Save changes.

Live imitation is configured. On the start date, videos will be played on your website.

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