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Customize appearance of the built-in player

What is a Players feature

Player is a paid feature that allows customizing the default player.

Let’s compare the default and custom player. To show you the customization options:

  • We set new interface colors.
  • Add a logo (dog icon in the bottom-right corner).
  • Add the button to select the playback speed.
  • Enable the "mute" option by default.
customization options

How to enable the feature

Send us the request to activate the option via support@gcore.com or the chat window in the bottom-right corner of our website. Please specify your ID in the request, so we can identify your account. You can find it on the main page of your Control panel

specify your ID

The message template: "Good afternoon! Please enable the Player feature for an account with ID … (your ID)".

We will notify you when we enable the Player feature. After that, you will be able to configure your custom player.

Configure your custom player

1. Go to the Players tab and press the Create a player button.

Players tab

2. Enter the name of your player (it will be displayed on the control panel) and press the Create button.

Enter the name of your player

The configuration page opens. Complete the remaining steps in it.

The configuration page

3. Set the custom player as the default one for VOD or/and Live stream if you want to use this player for all videos/streams. You can also choose a custom player for a specific video or stream.

4. Enable necessary video behavior options:

  • Autoplay. If the option is active, a video starts playing automatically when a user opens the website page with it.

  • Mute. If the option is active, video plays with the sound off.

Note! If both Autoplay and Mute are active, only one option will work. It depends on an end user's browser policy (Mozilla, Chrome).

5. Enable necessary player control options:

  • Disable skin. If the option is active, the player control elements are hidden. 
  • Save user settings. If the option is active, users watch the video with the same quality and sound settings they have had previously. It works until the browser cache gets cleared**.**
  • Share video. If the option is active, a sharing button appears in the upper-right corner of the video for the users to post it to social networks.
  • Playback speed control. If the option is active, users can slow down and speed up VOD playback. 
  • Pause when clicking on player. If the option is active, video stops by clicking at any point on the player's screen.

6. Select colors for different elements of your player:

  • Background color for the bottom panel of the player.
  • Foreground color for the elements on the bottom panel.
  • Text color for timeline.
  • Hover color for those elements on the bottom panel that the cursor is hovering over.

7. To collect data on your viewers' actions in the player, activate the Enables Google Analytics option and specify your Google Analytics ID.

8. Add a logo that will be displayed on the screen. 9. Select the logo position.  10. Save changes.

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