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About 5G eSIM

What is the Gcore 5G eSIM solution?

The Gcore 5G eSIM solution is a technology that combines the power of 5G networks and eSIM technology, enabling businesses and organizations to connect their devices and applications securely to the Gcore Cloud through 5G networks.

How does Gcore 5G eSIM work?

The user activates their eSIM card and then connects to their mobile 5G network. Once the 5G connection is established, the user can access and manage resources in their dedicated region within the Gcore Cloud platform. This could involve real-time data processing, analytics, running AI models, or using other Cloud services. The combination of 5G eSIM technology and Cloud connectivity ensures a seamless experience and brings a wealth of benefits.

how 5G works with the Gcore Cloud Platform

Advantages of 5G

5G offers a number of important user benefits.

1. Ultra-low latency. 5G technology offers ultra-low latency, which translates into minimal delay in data transmission. This powers real-time applications, like video streaming or online gaming, to run with near-instantaneous response times.

2. Local network. With the 5G eSIM technology, you can access the Gcore Cloud resources via the local network on a mobile device.

3. Global presence with unlimited internet. Our 5G network covers 183 countries, eliminating the need for additional roaming packages, unpredictable fees, and switching between SIM cards.

4. Secure and encrypted data transmission. The Gcore 5G Cloud solution guarantees secure data transmission through advanced encryption algorithms and security protocols, allowing for controlling and managing the access of each individual SIM card.

Use cases of 5G eSIM

The use cases for 5G eSIM span across industries, making 5G eSIM a smart choice for diverse use cases.

1. ML diagnostics. Healthcare providers can leverage 5G technology with the Cloud AI platform to monitor real-time patient health data. The Cloud AI platform processes medical images and then returns them to the device for further use.

2. Private smart factories. 5G technology improves industrial automation and productivity. By monitoring device data, manufacturers can implement predictive maintenance and identify patterns that indicate potential problems or failures.

3. Connected IOT. The Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) platform enables intelligent driving, real-time HD maps, and improved road safety. Low latency access to Cloud infrastructure enables real-time data processing, analytics, and secure connectivity.

4. Live streaming. The 5G Cloud platform enables seamless, high-quality, live streaming with interactive experiences. Real-time video analytics enable the generation of live statistics that enhance the live event experience.

5. Secure remote access to corporate tools. The solution allows authorized individuals to access a company’s digital resources, data, and applications securely from a remote location without requiring a VPN or firewall. This is achieved by enabling access control management for each individual SIM card.

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