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Configure CDN integration

Integrate our domain zone with Gcore CDN for fast delivery of content worldwide.

To configure integration:

1. Navigate to DNS in the Gcore Customer Portal.

2. Click the domain name of the DNS zone where you intend to set up CDN integration.

Open a DNS zone

A new page will open.

3. Ensure that the advanced interface mode is enabled. In non-advanced mode, the CDN integration feature isn't available.

The feature is available only for an A record type.

4. Click the three-dot icon.

5. Click CDN integration in the row of the relevant A record.

Open a Records list/Edit record set page

6. In the pop-up window, you'll see the value of the A record. Click Save changes.

Open a Records list/Edit record set page

That's it. Your domain zone will be integrated with Gcore CDN.

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