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About SSL certificates

SSL Certificates provide security by encrypting communications between a server and a person visiting your website. SSL helps protect sensitive information exchanged between your panel and users: passwords, private data, financial information, etc.

Domain Validated Certificate (DV)

When visitors open a secure section of your site (e.g., making a payment by credit card), you need to use a private SSL certificate such as this one. It is directly tied to your domain name, letting customers know they are on a correct website.

We provide:

  • RapidSSL
  • Comodo Positive SSL
  • Comodo Essential SSL
  • Thawte SSL123
  • Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard
  • RapidSSL Wildcard

Difference between Wildcard and non-Wildcard certificate. A Wildcard SSL Certificate enables SSL encryption on unlimited subdomains using a single certificate. The subdomains must have the same second level domain name (i.e.

On average, DV certificates are issued within five minutes. But if your domain is Internationalized Domain Names that contains language-specific characters, the issuance can take up to three working days.

Company Validated Certificate (OV)

A company validated certificate is similar to a domain validated certificate; however, additional documentation must be provided to certify your company's identity. The biggest advantage of a WHOIS company validated SSL certificate is the way your site is displayed in a browser. More validation means more trust, and your visitors will have more confidence in the security of your site.

We provide:

  • Thawte SSL Web Server

This certificate is a company validated certificate and requires documents. It's issue process takes up to5 working days.

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