ОS. Buy a Windows server

Buy a VPS with Windows OS
Features of VPS with Windows OS

Windows OS is available for VPS hosted outside Russia (you can select the region while ordering VPS) and for any plan except KVM-SSD-1, KVM-SSD-2 и KVM-SSD-3.

Buy a Windows server

1. Log in to your personal account. If you do not have a personal account yet, please sign up here.

2. Click Order a service on the Dashboard.


3. Choose VPS.


4. Then select a server data center.


5. Choose your payment period: you can pay a month, three months, six months, or a year up front.


6. Choose a server from the list below.

7. Select the server configuration. In the Operating system field, choose Windows Server.


Features of a VPS with Windows OS

1. Windows OS can be installed only when you order a server.

2. If you purchase Windows 2012, you can reinstall it from the server control panel.

3. You can switch from Windows to another operating system using templates.
Important! After reinstalling the operating system (from Windows to another one) the Windows OS license cost (25 €) will continue to be charged. We recommend purchasing a new server with the required OS instead of reinstalling the operating system.

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