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Renew the server

For renewal of a Virtual Server, just keep the money to pay for tariffs on your balance: it will be charged automatically, and the server will continue to work.

For renewal of a Dedicated Server, with auto-renewal (clock icon stands next to such server), just keep the money to pay for tariffs on your balance: the money will be charged automatically, the service will not stop working. To renew the server without auto-renewal, select it in the menu, click the "Renew" button at the top and transfer money.

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Insufficient funds on your balance

If there is not enough money on your balance at the beginning of a new payment period, the server will be suspended. The servers with KVM-SSD-1 and KVM-SAS-1 plan will be automatically deleted 1 day after suspension: all data will be permanently deleted, and the servers will disappear from the account. Servers with other plans will be deleted 14 days after suspension.

Once the payment is sent, the server reactivates automatically within 5 minutes. Read more on payment methods here.

Note: once the account balance is recharged, the suspended server will be reactivated automatically. So if you don't want to use the server anymore, delete it.

If you use a bank card as a payment method, you can configure auto-recharging of the account balance in the " Auto payment" option.

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