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Troubleshoot payment errors

Payment via PayPal, a bank card, AMEX, WeChat, AliPay

Insufficient funds

If you receive an error message indicating insufficient funds, make sure to check and recharge your account balance before attempting the transaction again.

Transaction declined by the security system

If your transaction is declined by the security system of your payment service, please note that we can't help with resolving this issue.

Please contact the support team of your payment service provider or try another payment method.

Unsupported payment method for the selected currency

When selecting the currency of payment, please ensure that your chosen payment provider supports that particular currency. To check your provider, open Dashboard and go to the Information section**.**

  • For payments in EUR, the provider is G-core.
  • For payments in USD, the provider is G-Core usd.
Unsupported payment method for the selected currency

Ayden processing errors (for bank cards, AMEX, WeChat and AliPay)

In some cases, issues may occur on the Ayden processing side. If you encounter such an error, please write to technical support.

To investigate, please send us a screenshot of the transaction containing the following information: payment date, transaction ID, payment amount, pfx.

Payment via bank transfer

Payments made via bank transfer are typically processed within one week.

If a payment remains in the "New" status for longer than 1 week, there may be processing issues. To resolve the issue as soon as possible, please write to technical support.

Please provide a screenshot or any transaction confirmation with payment details.

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