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Connect to a Virtual Server via VNC in VMmanager 6

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) allows you to view and control a remote computer’s desktop. VNC works by sending graphics data of the mouse and keyboard input between client and server applications, using the Remote Frame Buffer protocol. Using VNC console, you can connect to your VPS from the control panel.

Here’s how to connect via VNC to your Virtual Server.

  1. After activating the Virtual Server, you will receive an email with instructions on how to connect to it and your login credentials. This information is also available on the control panel Instructions tab. Open this tab and you will find User and Password. These are exactly the credentials you need to connect to the server.
Connect to a Virtual Server via VNC Connect to a Virtual Server via VNC
  1. Open the control panel.

If you’re using the old interface (shown below,) select Products/ServicesVirtual private servers, click the selected server, and click To panel.

Virtual Server

If you’re using the new interface (shown below,) select Products/Services, click Virtual private servers, and then click To Panel.

control panel.
  1. In the VMmanager panel, select the three-dot menu and click VNC.
VMmanager panel

The VNC server management console will open. Enter your root login and password credentials that you received in the initial email or on the Instructions tab (Step 1.)

VNC server management console

You have successfully connected to your server using VNC.

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