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Buy an additional IP address

Every dedicated server includes:

  • one free IPv4 address, and
  • one free IPv6 address.

Additionally, you can buy up to 14 IPv4 addresses and 14 IPv6 addresses.

Note: Virtual private servers have an exception—for KVM-SSD-1 servers, you can only buy up to two IPv4 addresses and two IPv6 addresses.

1. Go to the "Dedicated Servers" or "Virtual private servers" tab in the Control Panel.

2. Choose server for which one you'd like to order additional IPs, click IP addresses.

Choose server

3. In the opened tab click Order.


4. Enter a number of IPs and pay for your order.

After finishing the order configure the IPs on your server. To configure a big amount of IPs automatically reinstall your operating system.

How to move IPs from one server to another

Only additional IPs are able to be moved, the main IP stays associated with the server. Notice that it is a paid service.

To move additional IPs from one server to another contact us via a chat or create a ticket in the Control Panel.

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