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Account types and permissions

We offer two types of accounts: users and teammates.

A user is an employee of your organization who uses the connectivity services with eSIM cards.

A teammate is an individual who is invited to join a workspace and serves as an administrator, manager, or accountant.

To control access to certain data and features within your team, you can customize permissions for each teammate. In the teammates section of your settings menu, you can edit the permissions of each team member.

These are the available permissions:

  • Owner

  • Admin: Best for system administrators, team supervisors, or trusted accountants. Admins have the same set of permissions as Owners, except that Admins cannot manage other admins or owners. (Like Owners, they can manage teammates.)

  • Accountant: Best for supervisors or accountants who need access only to reporting and statistics.

  • Manager: Best for managers who don’t need to control critical system settings or manage other teammates’ access.

The following table illustrates the specific data and features that teammates with varying permissions can access.

Access/feature Owner, Admin Accountant Manager
SIM Cards Full access View only Full access
SIM cards users Full access No access Full access
Reports Full access Full access Full access
User support Full access No access Full access
System settings Full access No access No access
Group management Full access No access Full access
Package management Full access No access Full access
Teammates Full access No access No access
Data export Full access Full access No access
Business profile management Full access No access No access

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