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A package is a bundle of services that you may activate for your 5G Network. Packages help tailor your 5G Network experience to your specific requirements and preferences.

Every package offers three main features:

1. Adjusting the Quality of Service.

2. Specifying countries and regions where the package will be available.

3. Setting threshold values and defining actions that will be triggered once those thresholds are reached.

Note: You cannot change your package after you have created it, due to billing and data consumption limitations.

Once you create a package with defined Quality of Service, country availability, data volume, and duration, it is assigned to your eSIM card. Our billing system starts counting the consumed data and time based on the rules you specified when creating the package.

Do not change the settings of the package at this point. Doing so will cause discrepancies between the saved consumption data and the new package settings, potentially resulting in billing confusion or inaccuracies.

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