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Container Registry

Container Registry is a scalable, efficient, and reliable solution for managing containerized applications. It functions as a centralized repository where you can store and manage Docker images used across different Gcore products, including Inference at the Edge, Container as a Service, and Managed Kubernetes.

How it works

Create a registry to store your OCI-compatible artifacts and configure its access by adding users with the required push and pull permissions. Once the registry is set up, you can push Docker images and manage them according to your requirements.

Getting started

For instructions on how to start using Container Registry, check out the Create a Container Registry guide.


  • Store and manage OCI-compatible artifacts, such as Docker images and Helm charts
  • Create multiple registries in a single project
  • Set up pull and push permissions on a per-user basis
  • Access registries through Docker CLI, API, and Gcore Customer Portal
  • Set up retention policy (coming soon)

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