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Use nginx Ingress Controller

To start using the controller, you need to apply an Ingress manifest.

1. Create a YAML file to create an Ingress object:

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1 kind: Ingress metadata: name: hello-world-ingress spec: ingressClassName: nginx rules: - http: paths: - path: / backend: serviceName: hello-world-svc servicePort: 80

Enter your custom values instead:

  • hello-world-ingress: Name of the Ingress object
  • nginx: Name of ingressClassResource
  • /: Default URL path
  • hello-world-svc: Name of the Service that will manage the requests
  • 80: Port of the Service that will manage the requests

2. Run the kubectl command.

kubectl apply -f <name of the created YAML-file>

You’ll get the output:

Ingress/<name of the created ingress object> created

This means you’ve successfully created and applied an Ingress object for the nginx Ingress Controller.

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