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Take a snapshot of your file system

Snapshot is the state of a system at a particular point in time. The snapshot can be used for backup and further recovery, as well as for deploying new Virtual Machines from snapshots of system volume. 

Difference between system and regular volume snapshots 

You can make snapshots for both system (boot) volumes and regular volumes. 

The system volume is the volume which the operating system is installed. On this volume, the operating system (OS) stores everything it needs to work.  

Regular volume contains all other information for use, except the operating system.  

Create a snapshot

From the Snapshots page

To make a snapshot of the volume, go to the "Snapshots" section inside the project.  


In the "Take snapshot" section, select the volume to create the snapshot. System volumes will have the "_bootvolume" Postfix -> Enter a name for the snapshot in the "Name" field and click "Create snapshot". 


From the Volumes page

Inside the project, in the "Volumes" section, select the volume to create a snapshot -> on the selector on the right from the selected volume -> select the "Take snapshot" option 


In the drop-down window, enter a name for the snapshot and click "Take snapshot". 


From the Virtual Machine

1. Open the project and go to the Instances page and select the Virtual Machine you want to take a snapshot from.

2. Click the three-dot icon and select Overview.


3. Go to the Volumes tab and select the volume to create a snapshot.

4. Click Take snapshot.


5/ In the window that opens, enter a name for the snapshot and click Take snapshot


6. In the "Snapshots" section, you can view a list of created snapshots from VM volumes.


Snapshot management

A list of all created snapshots can be found in the "Snapshots" section, inside the project. 


You can select the necessary option on the selector on the right from the snapshot: 

Create a VM from a snapshot of the system volume


Delete a snapshot


Also, you can revert a volume to the latest snapshot. Open the "Volumes" section, detach the volume from your Virtual Machine and select the reverting option on the selector.

Please note: if you have just resized the volume you will not be able to use the function because the last snapshot is designed for the old size. You can only create a new volume from it. For the new size volume, you need to create a new snapshot.


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