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Create and manage projects

Projects are goal-specific containers in which you can create instances, volumes, networks, and other Cloud resources.  

The Project section in the cloud menu

Create a project

All users have a default project created automatically. This project cannot be deleted. 

1. Click Create project in the Projects tab.  

The location of the Create project button

2. Fill in the Name and Description fields.

  • Use between 3 and 63 characters: Latin letters, numbers, hyphens.
  • Don't use a hyphen at the end of the field.


3. Click Create project.  

Your project's size doesn't affect the service price directly. Charges are calculated based on the resources used in the projects.  

Manage a project

You can Open each project, go to its Settings or Delete it. To do this, click the icon next to the project you want to manage.

Actions with projects

By clicking the Open button, you get to the resource management panel. 

In the Settings of your project, you can edit the project name and description, and configure access rights. 

If you are an Account owner or Administrator, you can delete projects. To lear more about user roles, refer to the article "User roles and rights".

Note: The default project cannot be deleted.

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