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Create and manage a subnetwork

A subnetwork is a range of IP addresses in a cloud network. Addresses from this range will be assigned to machines in the cloud.  

Subnetwork creation

There are two ways to create a subnet in the network: 

  1. Inside the project, in the section Networking → Networks → Click on the name of the network where you want to create a subnet → Create a subnet.
 Networks network
  1. While creating an instance, in the Network settings section, select the Private interface type, select or create a network, and click Add a new subnetwork.
Network settings section

Setting the IP range

While creating a subnet (with any method), you need to specify the address range in the CIDR format in the drop-down window.

creating a subne

The subnet size is set using the classless addressing (CIDR) method. Only private IPv4 addresses can be used in subnets. 

Acceptable CIDR ranges: 

  • - 
  • - 
  • -  Valid subnet mask range: 16-24.


Network routing

A routed network is a private network that is already connected to a router with a public interface. All virtual servers in such networks can access the Internet through the router and accept incoming connections. 

By default, a subnet in the cloud is created with Internet access (routable). 

If you need to restrict machines from external connections, you need to enable the non-routable Subnetwork option while creating a subnet. 

Network routing

Managing subnets

You can see the list of subnets in the created network in the section Networking → Networks. 

Editing a name 

To rename a subnet, click the selector on the right from the selected subnet and select Edit.

Editing a name

In the drop-down window, you can change the name of the created subnet.

Deleting a subnet

To delete a subnet, click the selector on the right from the selected subnet and click Delete.

Deleting a subnet

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