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Create and manage a router

Cloud Router enables you to dynamically exchange routes between networks. 

The list of routers is located inside the project, section Networking → Routers 


Router creation

There are two ways to create a router: 

1. Manually from the routers section 

Go to the project, section Networking → Routers and click on Create router. 


In the appeared window configure a new router: 

1.1. Select the network and subnet to configure routing. If necessary, you can add multiple subnets by clicking on Add subnet. For more information about creating and configuring a network and subnet, see the article Networking


1.2. Activate the Enable SNAT selector if you need access to the external network. 

A separate public IP address is announced for a router with access to an external network. 


1.3. In the Static routes section, you can specify the routing scheme 

Specify the destination prefix and the address of the next hop. To add the next route, click the Add route button. 


1.4. Enter a name for the router and click Create router. 


2. Automatically after creating a network 

After creating a network, a new router is being automatically created in the cloud to allow further routing of traffic.  


For more information about creating and configuring a network and subnet, see the article Networking.

For automatically created routers, you can make the same settings as for manually created routers. 

Managing routers

To manage routers, open the list of routers: inside the project, section Networking → Routers 

To make changes with an existing router, click the selector on the right from the selected router and select the Overview option. 


In the appearing window, you can find general information about the router: the router ID, whether there is a SNAT for accessing the external network, and the creation date. 


In the Subnets section, you can manage the list of subnets added to the router: add new subnets and delete old ones. 


To edit routes, go to the Static routes tab and click Edit static routes. 


To add a new route, click Add Route and specify the destination prefix and address of the nexthop, or delete an unnecessary route by clicking the Delete button on the right of the route. 


To save settings, click Save static routes.

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