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Convert an SSH key to PPK format

If you generated your SSH keys via PuTTYgen or in the Gcore Customer Portal and want to use PuTTY to connect to a Gcore Virtual Machine, you need to convert the keys to a .ppk format.

To do this, you can use PuTTYgen:

1. Make sure that PuTTY is installed on your device.

2. Launch the PuTTYgen app.  

3. Click Load. Then, find the file with the key that you want to convert.

Puttygen app with the Load button highlighted

By default, Windows will display only .ppk files. To view all file types, click All files in the "Open file" dialog.

4. PuTTYgen will prompt you to confirm that you want to import the key. Click OK.

Puttygen confirmation that the key has been imported

5. Select a converted key by clicking either Save private key or Save public key.

Puttygen app with the Save public key and Save private key buttons highlighted

6. Save the key on your device for future use.

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