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Trial conditions


The trial period allows you to test the service for free for a limited time, regardless of the plan you choose. Not all services offer a trial period. The table below shows which services offer trials, and any related conditions or comments.

To find information on specific services and tariffs, check Gcore Pricing or the Gcore Customer Portal.

Service Trial Conditions
CDN (Free) - The free plan has no trial period but has a traffic limit 1 TB
CDN (Start, Pro) + 14 days or 300 GB, whichever ends first
Edge Cloud (AI, Basic VM, IaaS Protection) - -
Video Streaming + 14 days and 10 minutes of uploaded video
Web Application Security + 3 days
Managed DNS (Free) - The free plan has no trial period or limitations
Managed DNS (Pro) + 14 days
Object Storage - -

Note: Сustomized test conditions are available for the Enterprise plans. Contact support or your personal manager to discuss them.

How to start a trial

You can activate the trial for any of the plans for which it is available.

If you are a new user, the tariff activation page will appear when you open your personal account. Choose the service that has a trial. Click Next and follow the plan activation flow instructions.

Starting page where you can choose a service to start

If you already have some services activated, tariff plan activation (and trial if it exists) will be on the Services Billing page. Click Activate service and follow the instructions.

Services page where you can also start a trial

You can also activate the plan by choosing the relevant service in the left navigation menu.

That’s it! We will send you an email at the beginning of the trial and two days before the end of the trial.

Contact support (support@gcore.com or chat) or your manager to extend the trial duration or add GB.

The flow differs for some services (e.g., IaaS Protection). Follow the recommendations from the Gcore Customer Portal to activate the service.

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