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Use bonus credits

Accrual of bonuses

Bonus credits are special points that are credited to your account for a specific period of time. Bonuses can be used as payment for services.  

1 Bonus = 1 unit of currency used in the personal account. 

Bonuses are credited to a special bonus account by the decision of the company's management. 

You bonus credits displays at the Services section. 

Services section

Bonuses debiting

Bonuses are debited automatically as a part of the payment for services: 

  • If you are registered as an individual, the amount debited from the payment resource will be reduced by the number of bonus credits.  
  • If you are registered as a company, in an invoice the number of bonuses will be counted as a discount.

Important: As bonus credits reduce the taxable amount of expenses, the tax is also recalculated downward. 

Managing bonuses

To track transactions with bonus credits, go to the Billing section by clicking on the profile icon in the lower right corner and selecting Billing.  

Open the Bonus credits section.  

This section displays information about bonus credits and all operations with the bonus account: the date when bonus credits were credited, the number of bonus credits in the currency of your personal profile, their expiration date, and status.

For a better search of the desired bonus credits, use the search by sum and date.  

Managing bonuses

Bonus credits statuses

Credited - bonus credits have been credited by the company to your account. 

Charge for expense ID - bonuses have been debited from your balance for expense ID. 

Expired - bonuses are canceled.

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