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Connect to your nodes via SSH

You can connect to your nodes via a floating IP address address.

Assign a floating IP address

1. In the Cloud menu, go to Kubernetes, find the required cluster and click its name.


2. Go to the Pools section, click the required pool to expand the menu, find the node you want to connect to and click Add IP.


3. In the new window, create a new floating IP address or attach an existing one.

  • To create a new floating IP address, go to the Assign a floating IP section, switch on the Assign to existing instance toggle, choose the node and interface, and click Create a new floating IP.


  • To assign an existing floating IP address, find the required one in the list below the Assign a floating IP section and click Assign to instance.

In the new window, choose the node and the interface and click Assign floating IP.

The floating IP has been assigned to the node, and you can now access it.

Connect to your node via SSH

Run the command in the command line utility:

ssh core@**\[floating IP address\]** -i "**\[path to the private SSH key**\]"

Replace [floating IP address] with the actual floating IP address of the node and [path to the private SSH key] with the path to the private key on your local machine.

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