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Manage load balancers

The list of created balancers is located inside the project - > Networking - > Load balancers

There you can:

  • Configure a balancer (the "Overview" option) 
  • Rename a balancer (the "Edit" option) 
  • Delete a balancer

To do it, select the necessary action on the selector on the right from the balancer.

Interface for managing created Load Balancers

Go to your project - > Networking - > Load balancers -> select the Overview option on the selector on the right from the chosen balancer.

In the drop-down window, you can edit existing listeners in the load balancer and also add new ones.

Add new Listener

You can edit and delete listeners. Select the appropriate option on the selector on the right from the listener. 

Edit or Delete listeners

In the editor, you can:

  • Change the checking algorithm
  • Parameters of connected instances (including verification address, port, and weight)
  • Enable and disable instances from the load balancing pool
  • Change the parameters in the Health Check section
Health Check configuration

Load Balancer statuses

Status (UI) Status (API) Value
Healthy Online The balancer is working.All virtual machines in the pool accept requests.
Unhealthy Draining A virtual machine from the pool does not accept new requests.
Degraded One or more balancer components have the "Error" status.
Error The balancer doesn't work.Virtual machines do not pass check requests.All virtual machines in the pool have the "Error" status.

Performance analysis

We have tested our load balancers to determine the performance of different flavors. The test results show the throughput - the number of requests per second (rps) a load balancer can handle under a number of simultaneous users’ requests for worker nodes that communicate through the load balancer considering that 95 percent of requests are handled within 1 ms. 

Flavor Throughput Worker request Percentile response time
1 vCPU - 2 GiB 5k 1 95th percentile is 1 ms
2 vCPU - 4 GiB 5k 16 95th percentile is 1 ms
4 vCPU - 8 GiB 5k 512 95th percentile is 1 ms
8 vCPU - 16 GiB 5k 2048 95th percentile is 1 ms

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