Protect Your Unity Games From DDoS Menace With Gcore

Protect Your Unity Games From DDoS Menace With Gcore

Unity powers a vast array of both indie and major gaming titles. With the looming threat of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that disrupt online gameplay and server availability, tailored protection for Unity is key to securing online gaming experiences. Gcore DDoS Protection offers specialized protection for games developed on the Unity engine. It combats the unique challenges posed by Unity’s networking protocols, UNET and Unity Transport, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay and server stability. Learn how our focused approach provides specialized, seamless security for Unity-based games.

Why Unity Games Need Specialized Protection

Aside from simply flooding a game with DDoS attacks with massive traffic, the most effective approach to disrupting online games is to exploit the weaknesses of game-specific protocols, enabling attackers to achieve their goals with minimal resource investment. Unity currently uses two networking protocols: Unity Transport Protocol and UNET, each with distinct DDoS protection challenges.

Unity Transport Protocol (UTP): Gcore applies advanced packet inspection to Unity Transport games to authenticate incoming traffic, separating valid game packets from DDoS threats. Due to Unity Transport’s protocol specifics, which do not accommodate cookie challenges, we apply rate limiting on new connections to curb flood risks without compromising game performance.

UNET Protocol: Despite being deprecated, Unity’s legacy UNET protocol remains in widespread use, so we introduced protective measures akin to those in UNET to safeguard games against DDoS attacks. This strategy aligns with UTP, using stateless inspections for protocol adherence and implementing client rate limits to manage new connection thresholds.

Why Gcore’s Protection Is Essential for Unity-Based Games

The importance of DDoS protection for Unity-based games cannot be overstated. Our dedicated DDoS Protection solution offers the following assurances:

  • Enhanced security: Tailored specifically for Unity’s networking protocols, ensuring a secure, uninterrupted experience for developers and players.
  • Scalability: Our scalable solutions adapt to your game’s growth, safeguarding against DDoS attacks as your player base expands.
  • Peace of mind for developers: Developers can focus on creativity and innovation, confident that their games are protected against DDoS attacks.

Secure Your Unity-Based Game with Gcore

As Unity remains a leading choice for game developers worldwide, ensuring the security of games built on this engine is critical. Gcore DDoS Protection can defend Unity-based games from the ever-present threat of DDoS attacks, providing a safer online environment for both players and developers.

For more information on protecting your game, explore Gcore DDoS Protection and take the first step towards a secure gaming experience.

Protect your Unity games today with Gcore

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