4 reasons to try the updated shielding

4 reasons to try the updated shielding

Origin shielding is a technology to provide additional protection of the origin server against high load due to vast number of requests coming from CDN servers.

How origin protection against high load works

4 reasons to try the updated shielding

4 reasons to try the updated shielding

We have made some major improvements to the shielding technology.

Let us tell why you should try the updated feature.

1. Reliable protection of the origin server

Shielding is intended firstly to reduce the number of requests to the origin from servers that interact with the origin server at the time of receiving the content.

With shielding enabled, it is not entirely all our CDN, consisting of more than 50 points of presence and 100 servers, that interacts with the origin, but just 1 pre-caching server located as close as possible to the region which is important to you.

All requests to the content source are accumulated there. That is how the load on your server is reduced significantly.

2. Reduced delays

With shielding enabled, more requests is being sent from our internal network. This allows to minimize response time and improve the quality of service for end clients.

3. Increased resilience

Now shielding consists of pre-caching servers cluster with built-in balancing that allows to enhance its resilience significantly.

4 reasons to try the updated shielding

4. 5 times lower price

Previously, shielding price was listed as $250. Now, we switch to more flexible billing scheme: $50 + shielding traffic.

Starting July 1, 2019, shielding traffic will be included in the total rated traffic. (Normally, shielding traffic makes up a small part of total traffic.)

Shielding statistics will be available in the control panel in the near future.

If you still have questions about our billing, please contact your account manager for more information.

How to enable shielding

In the CDN Resources tab choose the necessary resource, click Settings and activate origin shielding feature.

4 reasons to try the updated shielding

Select a location where you want a pre-caching server to be situated. We advise to choose a data center that is the closest to the origin.

4 reasons to try the updated shielding

Want to speed up content delivery and make it resilient?

Sign up for our CDN with updated shielding.

Enable the Origin Shielding feature

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