Egress traffic of bare metal and AI infrastructure will become chargeable

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Egress traffic of bare metal and AI infrastructure will become chargeable

Egress traffic will soon become chargeable. We are announcing this in advance so that you have time to prepare for the changes.

Charges will begin to apply on:

  • November 1 for all new clients
  • January 1 for all current customers

These changes will affect two products: bare metal servers and AI infrastructure. Traffic on other products will remain without charge for now.

The price depends on location. In most locations, it is €0.0013 per 1 GB, which is €1 for every 769 GB of traffic. The price list is below:

Region 1 GB of egress traffic, €
Luxembourg-1 0.0013
Luxembourg-2 0.0013
Amsterdam-1 0.0013
Amsterdam-2 0.0013
Frankfurt 0.0013
Paris 0.0013
Warsaw 0.0013
Istanbul 0.0087
Johannesburg 0.0096
Almaty 0.0018
Chicago 0.0013
Manassas 0.0013
Santa Clara 0.0013
Sao Paolo 0.0099
Hong Kong 0.0087
Singapore 0.0087
Sydney 0.0210
Tokyo 0.0087

We kindly ask for your understanding regarding these changes. They will help us to further develop Gcore and delight you with new products and services. We will soon release Resource Reservation (reservation of bare metal servers for a long period at a reduced cost), Advanced DDoS Protection for bare metal servers, and low-cost virtual servers. We hope you enjoy all the new services we’re preparing for you!

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