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How G‑Core Labs can help your organization reduce global CDN costs

G‑Core Labs CDN delivers highspeed content all around the world.

We continue to improve performance and expand the services by adding new PoPs and upgrading the efficiency of our network globally.

Recently G‑Core Labs released two new CDN features: Image optimization and Cache sharding.

Interestingly, our clients not only favor our CDN because of its first-class productivity, intuitive control panel and impressive set of features, our clients also take advantage of G‑Core Labs flexible pricing plans.

How to reduce content delivery expenses anywhere in the world

We wish for as many online businesses in the entertainment & media industries to try our advanced network; for game development, production & delivery, to speed up websites and much more!

For this reason, we are launching a unique action you don’t want to miss.

Until the 20th of October 2019, for new clients a special discounted tariff plan is available for connecting to G‑Core Labs CDN:

How G-Core Labs can help your organization reduce global CDN costs

CDN plans which are available until the 20th of October 2019

Connect to G‑Core Labs CDN under the most profitable conditions TODAY!

Simply choose a CDN plan that is right for your business, sign-in to your personal portal and connect to our ultrafast CDN for the lowest price in history.

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