How does stream transcoding work?

How does stream transcoding work?

Each viewer wants the same thing: to watch video in better quality on any device.

Therefore, a modern broadcaster should be able to deliver stable video in Full HD, 4K, 360°, 3D without delays and buffering worldwide.

But this can only be achieved if there is a powerful infrastructure that transcodes streams on the fly and deliver content to any device via CDN.

Everything needed for delivery in an all-in-one solution

In Media Platform we have gathered all the tools needed for ultra-fast delivery of broadcasts and video on demand: transcoding, cross-platform player and CDN.

Media Platform transcodes multi-stream broadcasts in high quality, making them adaptive to any Internet connection and a particular user device.

This is a very demanding process, especially during the broadcast. Therefore, we use our own powerful media servers for stream transcoding.

How does it work?

How does stream transcoding work?

You just need to send a signal to our network, and the video stream will be available on any device worldwide without delays or buffering in any resolution:

240p • 360p • 720p • 1080p • 4K

We will protect your content from copying and piracy by embedding the logo in the picture at the stage of transcoding.

Now you can transcode video streams and control their delivery via CDN using a single cloud solution. It is convenient and advantageous because there is no need to invest in infrastructure and staff.

Enjoy the convenience of stream transcoding with Media Platform.

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