How Gcore is helping Super Protocol on its mission to completely decentralize Web3

How Gcore is helping Super Protocol on its mission to completely decentralize Web3

Super Protocol, the developer of the decentralized confidential computing protocol for Web3, joined forces with Gcore to expand the Super Protocol network of confidential computing providers.

About Super Protocol

Super Protocol is a decentralized confidential computing protocol that makes it possible to deploy any applications, services or smart contracts to the Web3 off-chain infrastructure and keep them completely private. The protocol uses a combination of blockchain, smart contracts, and confidential computing to securely bring together the providers of solutions, data, and computing resources. The confidential computing technology is a key component of Super Protocol, as it isolates sensitive data in use in a CPU-protected enclave during execution and ensures that not even the owner of the machine has access. All computing resources provided through Super Protocol must have confidential computing-enabled CPUs.

The problem being solved by Super Protocol is this: Web3 in its pure form is envisioned as completely decentralized, with all computations processed by dApps and smart contracts on blockchain. However, smart contracts have many limitations, like built-in transparency and low performance. This problem is solved by adding a layer of so-called off-chain computations, where all the heavy processing is taken off blockchain and into a more traditional computing environment. The mission of Super Protocol is to decentralize these computing environments and integrate them with smart contracts on-chain, thus completing the decentralization of Web3 itself.

And Super Protocol has plenty of experience under its belt to meet this challenge. The company was founded by an experienced team that has already built a successful company. Its flagship product used decentralization and confidential computing technologies to help over 30 major enterprise clients—banks, retail chains, telecom—to securely process highly sensitive transactions for over 80 million unique customers on a daily basis.

Partnership with Gcore

To further expand the network providing Web3 with confidential computing infrastructure, Super Protocol has selected Gcore as one of their key partners for the launch of Testnet Phase 2. This new major release features decentralized confidential hosting with the tunneling network protocol, the first in the world to enable hosting in a confidential computing environment. The tunnels serve as the secure gateway between services running in confidential environments and the rest of the internet. With over 15,000 testers signed up for participation and an exponentially wider audience using the deployed services, Super Protocol was very careful in the choice of infrastructure providers, which were to be held to the highest possible standard in terms of performance, stability, and availability of confidential computing.

Gcore Cloud was the clear choice for Super Protocol, offering a range of benefits that made it stand out from other cloud providers. With its pay-as-you-go plan, Gcore was able to provide a very market-competitive rate for customized bare metal machines. But that’s not all—Gcore Cloud also had no setup fees, and even offered the Super Protocol team free access for testing purposes.

And most importantly, the critical requirement for all the machines providing computing services on Super Protocol was the availability of confidential computing-enabled CPUs such as Intel SGX 2.0. In this area, Gcore has excelled bar none and met all the Super Protocol demands for bare metal machines. And with the ability to customize solutions on SGX BMs, Super Protocol was particularly pleased with Gcore Cloud’s flexibility.

“The flexibility in customization of RAM and CPU was a big winning point for us, allowing us to configure the machines to match the exact needs of the decentralized confidential network.”

Yulia Gontar

COO at Super Protocol

But it’s not just the technology that impressed Super Protocol—it’s also the company behind it. Gcore Cloud manages its own global IT infrastructure across 6 continents and boasts an average worldwide response time of just 20-30 ms. And with access to Intel SGX technology, Gcore Cloud became the perfect partner to assist Super Protocol on the way to its mission of bringing the decentralized confidential computing infrastructure to Web3.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Super Protocol to bring their innovative Web3 confidential computing infrastructure to a wider audience. With our customized bare metal machines and access to Intel SGX technology, we are confident that we can provide the high performance and secure infrastructure necessary for the success of Super Protocol’s Testnet Phase 2 and beyond.”

Seva Vayner

Gcore Cloud Product Owner

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