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Free egress traffic from storage to CDN

G-Core Labs CDN can now deliver Backblaze-stored content.

We’re constantly looking for opportunities to improve our products and create a comfortable environment for our users. Today, we’re happy to announce our partnership with Backblaze to nullify all egress traffic costs between our two platforms.

As an official CDN partner of Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage, we’re able to provide users of both companies with a cost-effective product proposition to distribute and accelerate your stored content globally.

Backblaze cloud storage

Backblaze B2 is a simple and scalable cloud storage service that can help you store any quantity of data with an extremely high level of data availability and durability.

As object storage, it operates with unstructured data and flat address space, which makes it easier to search and retrieve your data across regions.

By eliminating scaling limitations, Backblaze storage empowers you to build and develop your services without worrying about free space in your traditional on-premises storage.

Backblaze B2 works easily with any type of file, so you can store, download, and distribute everything that matters, from application resources and service metadata to heavy media files and massive corporate backups.

Modern organizations prefer to work in cloud-native environments in order to simplify development processes and accelerate time-to-market for new features and services. This approach forces customers to choose solutions that take advantage of the flexibility and efficiency of the cloud.

Backblaze B2 cloud storage is designed for cloud-native development and is fully compatible with the S3 API, so your microservices can programmatically access the data they need.

Delivering content to a global audience

G-Core Labs CDN is a globally distributed network of edge servers that can deliver any type of content to anywhere in the world with minimal delays.

Our partnership with Backblaze allows you to easily use both of our products together. You can store your content in Backblaze B2 storage and deliver it to end users through G-Core Labs CDN.

How it works

  • Any Backblaze B2 bucket can work as an origin for the G-Core Labs CDN.
  • The CDN will cache all content from the origin on our global edge network.
  • Your users get quick access to the content from anywhere in the world.
  • There’s nothing to configure or enable—if you’re a client of both G-Core Labs and Backblaze, you’re already benefiting from this partnership.

Zero egress fees

A distinctive functionality of cloud object storage is the ability to provide fast and easy data retrieval across different locations. And as a user, you must pay for both storage space and every GB that is transferred out to the internet.

If your object storage is seamlessly connected to the content delivery network, you will usually be charged for egress, or the traffic sent from the storage to the edge caching servers.

However, customers who use Backblaze B2 and G-Core Labs CDN don’t pay for egress.

Backblaze B2 and G-Core Labs CDN integrated solution

Since there are no egress fees between our products, we hope that you’ll be able to expand the use cases and value you get from our platforms. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of both reliable and affordable S3 storage and a globally distributed CDN without having to worry about accumulating costs.

  • Store and deliver your media and video content.
  • Migrate your existing S3 buckets from AWS and Azure to Backblaze B2 storage.
  • Distribute billions of images without having to worry about the costs associated with traversing the public internet.

So, compared to alternative solutions like AWS S3 and CloudFront, or AWS S3 and Fastly, the Backblaze and G-Core Labs bundle is a much more affordable way to store and distribute any kind of content to a global audience.

50 TB storage + 50 TB egress + 50 TB traffic 100 TB storage + 100 TB egress + 100 TB traffic
Backblaze B2 and G-Core Labs CDN $250 + $0 + $750 $500 + $0 + $1,500
AWS S3 and Fastly CDN $1,050 + $2,500 + $4,400 $2,100 + $5,000 + $8,400
AWS S3 + AWS Cloudfront $1,050 + $0 + $4,000 $2,100 + $0 + $7,000

The G-Core Labs and Backblaze partnership is a great opportunity for cloud-native developers, website owners, and media production teams to cut down on their infrastructure costs and get top-quality services in just a few clicks.

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