Streaming Excellence: E-Sports Broadcast Boost with Gcore

Streaming Excellence: E-Sports Broadcast Boost with Gcore

In the electrifying world of e-sports and game streaming, every pixel counts, and every second matters. Audiences crave adrenaline-pumping, live gaming action, and professional e-sports organizations, individual game streamers, and game publishers understand the need to meet their audiences’ expectations of excellence. Their ultimate goal is to deliver uninterrupted, high-quality video broadcasting to a global audience on various platforms to ensure viewer engagement, maximum audience coverage, and impactful advertisement. In this article, we will view the main challenges e-sports streaming faces and explore how Gcore can help solve them.

Challenges in the E-Sports Industry

E-sports and game streaming bring specific challenges that differ from other industries. At the heart of these challenges are the exact standards set by a global audience of avid gamers who demand nothing short of the best in their viewing experience.

Low Latency

The thrill of e-sports lies in its real-time nature: the ability for viewers to react, cheer, and strategize in sync with the gameplay. Latency—the delay between the actual gaming event and the moment it hits the viewer’s screen—plays a pivotal role. Low latency streaming is vital in keeping the audience engaged and maintaining the authenticity of the live gaming experience.

High Frame Rate

Unlike regular video content that might get by with 30 frames per second (fps), the modern gaming industry demands double that at 60 fps. This high frame rate is crucial in capturing every twitch, every spell cast and every goal scored with pristine clarity.

Restreaming Capacity Across Platforms

Restreaming to multiple platforms simultaneously is crucial to expanding the audience reach. With the gaming community dispersed across various platforms, including YouTube and Twitch, broadcasters must simultaneously deliver their content to multiple avenues while meeting each platform’s specific requirements. This requires a solution that can seamlessly restream the content to different media, providing a cohesive streaming experience for viewers across all platforms.

Uninterrupted Streaming

The electrifying world of gaming demands flawless streaming experiences, where buffering, lag, or disruptions are unacceptable. These technical hiccups can rob viewers of witnessing game-changing moments. As an e-sports broadcaster, delivering uninterrupted and smooth streaming is paramount to providing viewers with the full, immersive experience they crave.

Global Delivery Scale

Given the global nature of e-sports, content must be delivered worldwide swiftly and effectively. All viewers should be able to enjoy the same high-quality gaming content no matter where they’re located.

Gcore’s All-In-One E-Sports Industry Solution

In e-sports broadcasting, where every pixel and second hold immense significance, harnessing advanced streaming solutions is vital for captivating and immersive viewer experiences. Gcore offers a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions to elevate e-sports broadcasting to new heights.

Stylized map showing current and upcoming video streaming and CDN locations for hosting and broadcasting live streams
Figure 1. Gcore’s ever-growing CDN network

Comprehensive Streaming Platform

Given the rapid-paced nature of e-sports, even a minor delay can disrupt the viewer’s immersive experience. As such, the dynamic world of e-sports broadcasting demands state-of-the-art streaming solutions to overcome its unique challenges.

Live Streaming

Gcore’s Low Latency HLS (HTTP live streaming) addresses this concern, drastically minimizing the delay and enabling near real-time streaming. With coverage for an audience of up to 100 million viewers, broadcasters can select the optimal solution for their needs among several tiers of streaming services:

  • HLS (basic HTTP Live Streaming) provides the industry standard of eight seconds of latency.
  • LL-DASH (Low-Latency Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) and LL-HLS (Low-Latency HLS) technologies reduce the delay to four or five seconds.
  • HESP (High-Efficiency Streaming Protocol) can achieve an impressive one-second delay.
Video frames demonstrating ultra-low latency (1 sec), low latency (4 sec), and reduced latency (10 sec)
Figure 2. Latency options with Gcore Streaming

Advanced Transcoding

Exceptional streaming isn’t just about low latency; video quality plays an equally significant role. Gcore’s transcoding solution takes care of this for you. When content is broadcasted through our streaming platform, the video is automatically transcoded to different levels of quality, converting original video inputs into various resolutions and bitrates, ranging from 480p up to 8K. For 60 fps video streams, which require powerful servers for transcoding, Gcore stands ready. Our platform ensures these high-fidelity streams maintain their frame rate and visual fidelity in the output.

Gcore’s transcoding capabilities surpass resolution and bitrate optimization. With a comprehensive range of video formats, we seamlessly cover multiple devices in their native video formats. This versatility ensures that viewers across different platforms enjoy optimal quality, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

Video Hosting

With Gcore’s integrated video hosting, you can preserve online streams for future viewing and extend the lifespan of your broadcasts beyond the live stream. You can repurpose recorded streams into compelling video-on-demand (VOD) content, catering to various viewer preferences and schedules. This allows you to maximize revenue opportunities through monetization options like ad insertions, subscriptions, or pay-per-view models. By seamlessly combining video hosting and VOD repurposing, broadcasters can amplify content value, foster viewer engagement, and diversify revenue streams.


Built-in restreaming capabilities allow broadcasts to be sent out concurrently to multiple platforms, such as social networks such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. This function is helpful for marketing, amplifying brand visibility across diverse audiences, and maximizing viewer engagement. It’s an efficient way to strengthen your content’s visibility and boost your brand’s presence in the digital landscape.

Ad Integration

Balancing revenue generation with viewer satisfaction is crucial in the growing field of e-sports and game streaming. Client-side ad integration is fundamental because it allows the seamless incorporation of ads into streaming content, thus offering broadcasters a substantial revenue stream. However, widespread ad blockers pose a hurdle for company monetization.

Gcore’s seamless client-side ad integration allows broadcasters to incorporate ads into their streaming content, creating a substantial revenue stream. In overcoming ad blockers, Gcore’s anti-adblock ensures that ads reach viewers, securing our clients’ ad revenue. By combining intelligent monetization strategies with multi-platform restreaming, e-sports broadcasters can optimize revenue, extend their reach, and provide quality broadcasting services for sustainable growth.

Real-Time Video Chats

Connect, collaborate, and communicate seamlessly through real-time video chats with Gcore’s advanced solutions. Whether for team coordination, live streaming discussions, or interactive gaming sessions, our platform provides a reliable and feature-rich environment for immersive video conversations. Engage in one-to-one video calls or host conferences with 300+ participants, with screen sharing and presentation capabilities. Enjoy the convenience of chatting with history, empowering efficient communication and collaboration. With robust moderation and participant management tools, you have complete control over your video chats.

Streaming Platform

With our dynamic streaming platform, broadcasters can achieve near real-time streaming, capturing every gaming moment precisely. Our advanced transcoding capabilities ensure high frame rate video quality, meeting the demanding standards of the e-sports industry.

By integrating Gcore’s video hosting, broadcasters can extend their content’s reach and monetize it through Video on Demand (VOD). With built-in restreaming capabilities, simultaneous broadcasting across multiple platforms becomes seamless, expanding audience reach and boosting brand visibility.


Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures consistent, high-quality streaming experiences worldwide, overcoming geographical barriers and handling traffic surges during peak gaming events.

Deliver flawless streaming experiences to a global audience with our robust content delivery network (CDN). CDNs are like a worldwide team of servers working together to deliver your digital content as quickly as possible. Viewers receive content from the nearest server rather than waiting for a response from a single origin server, thus reducing data travel time for a faster, smoother streaming experience.

Gcore’s next-gen CDN ensures high-quality, delay-free viewing, even during peak gaming events, guaranteeing uninterrupted streaming. With CDN integration, e-sports broadcasters can provide an unmatched viewing experience to their international audience, regardless of location. Experience the power of Gcore and deliver exceptional e-sports broadcasting that leaves a lasting impact.


In the fast-paced world of e-sports, meeting the industry’s unique requirements is paramount. Gcore understands the demands of the e-sport industry and is equipped to provide tailored solutions. With our cutting-edge technologies, broadcasters can deliver exceptional streaming experiences, optimize monetization strategies, expand their reach across multiple platforms, and engage in seamless real-time communication. Gcore empowers e-sport businesses to secure their place in this fiercely competitive industry.

Try our Streaming Platform now, or tell us your needs so we can help you find your perfect solution with a free consultation.

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