Gcore Virtual Instances Powered by Ampere Altra Max Processors Now Available in Tokyo

We’re thrilled to announce the Tokyo, Japan launch of Gcore Virtual Instances powered by Ampere® Altra® Max processors. These cutting-edge processors feature a 64-bit ARM architecture optimized for cloud workloads. Our Virtual Instances powered by Ampere Altra Max CPUs enable our customers to significantly improve the development and delivery of their cloud-native applications, making them faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective. Read on to discover the key features of the Ampere Altra Max CPU and how to run a Virtual Instance powered by this processor in the Gcore Edge Cloud.

What Is the Ampere Altra Max Processor?

The Ampere Altra Max processor is a cloud-native 128-core processor built on a 64-bit ARM architecture, with each core running at up to 3 GHz. Here are its key features:

  • Performance: The processor offers significant performance improvements compared to the previous Ampere Altra processor and best-in-class legacy x86 CPUs, such as Intel Xenon 8380 and AMD EPIC 7763.
  • Cloud computing: It’s designed for cloud-native workloads, providing exceptional performance in cloud environments.
  • Scalability: The processor’s scalability allows for optimal performance and high utilization, even under maximum loads.
  • Energy efficiency: Ampere Altra Max delivers impressive performance per watt. In benchmarks, it was nearly twice as energy efficient as both Intel and AMD processors.

Benefits of Ampere-Powered Virtual Instances

Virtual instances with Ampere Altra Max CPUs are good for applications that need scale-out and elastic cloud architectures, such as web servers, memory-caching systems, and distributed databases. This type of virtual instance is also good for high-performance computing tasks in cloud environments, like AI inference and video encoding. Gcore Virtual Instances with Ampere Altra Max processors offer the desirable combination of high performance, scalability, and cost efficiency.

Available Configurations of Ampere-Powered Virtual Instances

In Gcore Edge Cloud, you can choose from various configurations to meet the needs of different types of applications, including highly demanding workloads. Flavors range from 1 vCPU/2 GB RAM to 32 vCPU/256 GB RAM. Pricing for an Ampere-powered Virtual Instance starts at €16.13 per month. Explore the Cloud Calculator to determine the cost of your desired configuration and location.

How to Run an Ampere-Powered Virtual Instance

Running a Gcore Virtual Instance powered by Ampere Altra Max CPUs is simple and intuitive via with Gcore Customer Portal. Here’s how to get started in five easy steps:

  1. Log in to the Gcore Customer Portal. If you are not registered, sign up using your email, Google, or GitHub account.
  2. In the left menu, click Cloud, then Virtual Instances, and then click Create Instance.
  3. In the “Region” section, choose Tokyo (or whichever region you prefer). In the Image section, choose ARM.
  4. Select the required configuration for your instance under “Flavor.”
The window of the Customer Portal with different instance configurations based on the Ampere Altra Max CPU
Figure 1: Choose the configuration for your instance
  1. Configure the remaining instance parameters according to the instructions in our documentation.
  2. After configuration, click Create Instance. The instance will appear in the “Virtual Instances” list. Wait a few minutes for its status to change from “Creating” to “Power on.” That’s it! You’re set up and ready to go.


The launch of Gcore Virtual Instances powered by Ampere Altra Max 128-core CPUs in Tokyo is a huge step towards providing faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective infrastructure for cloud-native applications in East Asia. With the impressive features of the Ampere Altra Max processor, such as high performance and scalability, our customers can handle their cloud workloads more effectively.

In addition to Virtual Instances, Gcore Edge Cloud offers other solutions, including Bare Metal Servers, Cloud Storage, and Load Balancer. To learn more about Gcore Edge Cloud capabilities, visit the product page. You may also be interested in learning more about the Ampere and Gcore partnership.

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