Gcore Acquires Industry-Leading WAAP to Bolster Application and API Security at the Edge

Gcore Acquires Industry-Leading WAAP to Bolster Application and API Security at the Edge

We are proud to have acquired StackPath’s web application and API protection (WAAP) solution, which will be integrated into Gcore’s security product portfolio in Q3 of 2024. Integrating WAAP at the network’s edge within Gcore’s global edge platform brings security closer to the user, ensuring robust protection tailored to diverse customer needs.

Gcore’s Strategic Move with WAAP Acquisition

One of the most highly regarded security products for protecting applications, the new acquisition will provide Gcore customers with an enhanced, enterprise-grade security solution, incorporating web application firewall (WAF), behavioral L7 DDoS protection, bot protection, and API security. The solution includes advanced features such as scalability that automatically adjusts with traffic, protection against zero-day attacks and OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities, and real-time threat intelligence for emerging threats.

StackPath WAAP was recognized as a cloud WAF leader by independent security solutions assessor, SecureIQLab. Its report, which compares the security and operational efficiency of multiple cloud WAF solutions, has become an essential benchmark for businesses seeking WAF services. This strategic acquisition further enhances our WAAP capabilities, solidifying our position as a premier security provider in the industry.

Advancing AI-Driven Security Capabilities

As we incorporate the product into our portfolio, we plan to further enhance its capabilities with AI to improve attack mitigation. This will enable the advanced identification of HTTP patterns to enhance protection and improve mitigation of zero-day attacks.

The WAAP will be seamlessly integrated into our existing infrastructure and will operate on 160+ global points of presence in Tier III and IV data centers, ensuring optimal performance, low latency worldwide, and outstanding security at the network’s edge.

Benefits of Enhanced Web Application and API Protection at the Edge

Incorporating the new WAAP acquisition into Gcore’s product lineup offers our customers the following benefits:

  • Enterprise-grade security on a global edge network, bringing security measures closer to end users for improved performance
  • Auto-scaling and elasticity as built-in features, providing robust defense against large-scale DDoS attacks
  • Impressive features, including L7 DDoS and bot protection, which use machine learning to identify and mitigate malicious behavior
  • AI-driven WAF, which significantly enhances the ability to distinguish between beneficial and harmful HTTP traffic patterns, reducing false positives and better mitigating zero-day attacks
  • Customization and control, precise threat identification, and real-time analytics
  • Fast onboarding and out-of-the-box features
  • Intuitive use and outstanding customer experience
  • Competitive pricing

CEO Andre Reitenbach comments: “The acquisition of StackPath WAAP marks a significant milestone in our strategic roadmap, underscoring our commitment to continuous innovation of our solutions and edge infrastructure. With its outstanding reputation for quality, StackPath WAAP stands as a premier solution in the market. Its integration will further strengthen our customers’ application and API security and provide them with enhanced defenses against application-layer DDoS attacks at the edge.”

Early Access WAAP and Product Launch

We are currently integrating the WAAP solution into Gcore’s infrastructure, ensuring performance optimization and alignment with the complete Gcore product range. The new product is expected to be available by the end of Q3 of 2024, with an early access version available for customer evaluation even sooner.


This acquisition demonstrates our ongoing commitment to creating a smarter, more connected, and secure world for everyone.

Get ahead on API security with Gcore’s dedicated whitepaper. We cover API security best practices, including common vulnerabilities, secure API design, appropriate authentication methods, and proper inventory management.

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