Gcore CDN in the Baltics

Gcore CDN in the Baltics

Gcore CDN continues to expand globally. We are actively developing our network presence in the Baltics. In Riga, for example, we have managed to achieve excellent performance indicators.

Here’s a little bit on why the Baltics are essential to us and how we are improving our performance in this region.

The Baltics: A region with a developed IT infrastructure

The Baltic region is a technology hub for many IT companies.

The Baltic states are actively attracting investments and developing IT services for export. The speed of optical internet in the region is one of the highest in the world. Cloud services are well-developed, and most of the available data centers are classified as Tier III. The telecommunications industry is highly advanced. For example, in Latvia, the 4G coverage area corresponds to 95% of the country’s territory.

The Baltic states are very appealing to all of Northern Europe. Scandinavian IT startups, as well as companies from Europe, are actively developing in the Baltics. European companies benefit from locating their branches there since many IT professionals with knowledge of different languages are available in the region.

Why we decided to increase our network presence in the Baltics

As you can see, the region is very well-developed technically. However, the majority of large CDN providers are located in Scandinavia, while their presence in the Baltics is limited.

This affects the technical capabilities of many companies operating in the IT sector.

We have added Riga to our CDN location map and have been actively expanding our network capacity in the region over the last few months. In that way, we accelerated the content delivery and connected the Baltics with the rest of the world. Moreover, we did it before many other CDN providers, which gave us a significant advantage in the content delivery speed.

Why high content delivery speed is important for the Baltics

Key business sectors in the Baltic states are fintech, e-commerce, software development, gaming, gambling, and payment services. For all these spheres, it is vital to deliver content to users quickly and with minimal delays.

In addition, more than 5,000,000 internet users live in the Baltics.

All this suggests that a fast CDN is absolutely necessary for the region.

What results in delivery speed we managed to achieve

The launch and optimization of the point of presence in Riga, as well as cooperation with local internet provider, allowed us to significantly improve our performance. Currently, the average response time in Latvia is 13 ms.

Gcore CDN in the Baltics
Response time in Latvia in April 2022

The average response time in the whole Baltic region is 18 ms. Here we are also ahead of many of our competitors.

Gcore CDN in the Baltics
Response time in the Baltic states in April 2022


Over the past few years, the Baltic states have become an important technology center in Eastern Europe. It is important for us to provide our clients with the best performance in the region so that they can create cutting-edge IT solutions.

We are very proud that our investment in the Baltics will enable many companies to deliver content to their users with minimal delays. At the same time, millions of people in the region will be able to access websites and applications even faster.

By expanding and improving our network, we make the internet faster and more accessible.

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