Gcore CDN moves to 400G Ethernet

Gcore CDN moves to 400G Ethernet

Our CDN is expanding. Last year, we were listed among the top 10 global providers by the number of peering connections. Over the past year, 10.5 exabytes of traffic passed through Gcore CDN. The traffic volume is increasing day by day. In some regions, the bandwidth of the 100G Ethernet interface is not enough anymore.

This is why we are switching to a new standard—400G Ethernet. This will allow us to significantly improve our network performance and deliver content even faster.

400G Ethernet features

400G Ethernet is a new standard for high-speed optical interfaces. One 400G port features the same speed and bandwidth as four 100G ports. This means that the new standard will reduce both the bounce rate and electric power consumption while maintaining the performance at an equally high level. The number of ports will be the same, meaning that the speed will be 4 times higher.

400G Ethernet in Gcore CDN infrastructure

The first point of presence featuring the new interface will be launched in Frankfurt, with Telia Sonera being the provider. In the future, we are going to expand 400G Ethernet to everywhere in Europe as well as to other regions.

To connect with 400G Ethernet, we use high-performance Cisco Network Convergence 5700 Series routers.

Gcore CDN moves to 400G Ethernet

How the new interface is going to improve our network

The use of 400G Ethernet will allow us to significantly increase the bandwidth. Gcore CDN will transfer even more traffic at even faster speeds.

Along with this, the new interface will reduce the bounce rate, thus increasing the network’s stability and reliability.

More on Gcore CDN improvement

We are constantly working in order to improve the performance of our network: we are expanding our presence and improving peering and bandwidth. For example, recently we’ve found a new peering partner—Deutsche Telekom. It is one of the world’s largest telecommunication enterprises. Our collaboration with Deutsche Telekom will help us significantly improve connectivity.

Global coverage, high-speed interfaces, and excellent peering allow us to solve all our clients’ tasks and transfer the growing traffic anywhere in the world with minimal delays.

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