Get more CDN traffic volume for less money

CDN from Gcore is the only network in the world that allows to deliver any heavy content with a delay of not more than 30 ms in any country completely free of charge.

We have reduced prices so that as many users, startups and large online businesses as possible could give recognition to the performance of our network and convenience of the control panel.

The new rates come into effect from May 1, 2019. Let us note how they favorably differ from the old ones.

Free plan

Sign up and use 100 GB completely free every month.

A 1 GB overage rate is reduced from $0.20 to $0.08.

With this in mind, try CDN for free. Pay only for the resources you consumed and don’t be afraid of overage since now it is cheaper.

Starting plan

1 TB now costs $30 per month.

It’s cheaper than paying $20 for 500 GB, as it was before.

Advanced plans

You will be able to activate a 5 TB per month plan for just $125. This is twice cheaper than before.

The volumes of traffic from our customers grow bigger. Therefore, we have added yet another advanced plan: 10 TB for just $200 per month.

Get more CDN traffic volume for less money

How to get CDN for even cheaper

Want to change your plan to the one without traffic restrictions at even more favorable terms?

Fill out an application to sign up for the Enterprise plan, and we will make you a generous offer.

How much the extra features cost

Advanced statistics. Geostatistics, statistics by the popularity of requests, statistics by applications and devices are available for $250 per 1 account.

Origin shielding. Additional protection of origin from high-load conditions costs $250 per 1 resource.

Raw logs. For $50 you get full access to CDN resource logs. To learn more about raw logs, visit our blog.

Sign up for a CDN from Gcore for free.

Upgrade to an advanced plan or send a request to get an Enterprise level service.

Whatever you choose, you will always receive first-class performance worldwide, impressive set of features, friendly and competent technical support.

Select a new CDN plan

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