Gcore CDN Introduces Volume Plan

Gcore CDN Introduces Volume Plan

We’re delighted to announce a substantial update to Gcore’s CDN plans, specifically tailored to the video streaming market. The new Volume plan enables high-volume content delivery without breaking the bank, supporting businesses of all sizes in their growth and digital content distribution.

Powerful, Cost-Effective CDN for the Streaming Industry

The new Gcore CDN Volume plan, detailed on our pricing page, offers a cost-effective and robust option for customers who require substantial media delivery quantities. Nowadays, we encounter video content in all sorts of places, from streaming services and social media to software-as-a-service mobile applications and online shopping, and its popularity is only growing. The availability of high-speed internet and a wider variety of consumer devices, like smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, are driving a steady growth in demand for streaming services. Following this trend, we recognize that businesses of all sizes need access to affordable and powerful CDN services. The Volume plan is designed to meet this demand.

Why Choose the Volume Plan?

The Gcore CDN Volume plan caters to users with substantial content delivery needs, particularly high-volume video streaming. It offers a strategic balance between cost and global network reach through its strategically positioned point-of-presence (PoPs) network.

  • Cost-Effectiveness:
    • A fixed monthly fee of €1200 ($1280) eliminates complexities often found in high-volume CDN pricing.
    • An attractive overage rate of €0.004 ($0.0042) per GB allows for efficient scaling as traffic demands fluctuate.
  • Network Capacity:
    • Includes a generous 300 TB of traffic volume to accommodate significant data transfer requirements.
    • 180+ strategically located points of presence (PoPs) ensure reliable content delivery around the globe with fast video buffering.

With its combination of cost-effectiveness and network capacity, the Volume plan is the ideal solution for high-volume content delivery.

Get Started with the Gcore CDN Volume Plan Today

Streaming video has never been easier or more cost-effective than with Gcore’s new Volume plan, which offers substantial bandwidth and strategic network reach at a fraction of the price and complexity of higher-tier plans.

Explore the pricing page and contact our sales team to access the Gcore CDN Volume plan. We’re here to help you choose the plan that best aligns with your business objectives and to ensure a seamless transition to enhanced content delivery.

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