New features of Gcore’s video conferencing for better user engagement

We are constantly improving our products and services to meet the needs of our customers with maximum efficiency. Currently, we are actively working on the Gcore’s video conferencing system.

Check out this article to see what the service can already do, what we have recently changed, and what improvements are planned for the future.

What is Gcore Video Conferencing?

Gcore Video Conferencing is a service that allows you to conduct video calls using your web resources instead of Zoom or other third-party apps.

In Video Conferencing, you can make one-on-one calls and organize large-scale conferences for 300+ participants. At the same time, the system is fully and seamlessly integrated with your website or application.

Features already available:

  • Broadcast recording
  • Broadcasting to 1,000,000+ viewers via a CDN
  • Chat
  • Easy integration with a CMS and your own user authentication system
  • Simple URL for iFrame, feature-rich web API, and SDK for iOS and Android


  • Use of corporate security policies. Now the service can be configured and made fully compliant with the requirements of your security team.
  • TURN (Traversal Using Relay NAT) support. This is a protocol that allows a host behind a NAT or firewall to receive data over TCP and UDP.
  • Operation in private networks with closed ports where only port 443 is available (HTTPS). Video calls are now even safer.
  • New chat. Now the built-in chat can save histories and transfer files.
  • Improvements to the mobile version. Video Conferencing now works better on mobile devices.

Future plans

We are not going to stop. Here are our plans for the next release:

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • React Native support
New features of Gcore’s video conferencing for better user engagement
Video calls functionality planned for the next release

Replace Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and other foreign third-party services with a simple, modern solution.

New features of Gcore’s video conferencing for better user engagement
Gcore Streaming Platform vs similar services

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