New CDN PoPs in Kazakhstan

New CDN PoPs in Kazakhstan

To improve performance in the promising region, we have launched nodes in Almaty and Astana.

New CDN PoPs in Kazakhstan

We continue to strengthen our CDN presence in the region.

With a population of 18 million, Kazakhstan is a promising region with increasing volumes of web traffic. According to Internet World Stats, Internet penetration in the country is at just above 76 %. This is a good number, and it has room to grow.

New CDN PoPs in Kazakhstan

Previously, content was being delivered to users in Kazakhstan through a single PoP in Pavlodar. Now, there are powerful new cache servers in the country’s two largest cities—Almaty and Astana.

After launching new nodes and optimizing our network we are now ahead of competitors in regard of CDN performance in Kazakhstan having response time of 44 ms.

New CDN PoPs in Kazakhstan
Response time by the median (50th percentile)

Want to deliver games, videos, live broadcasts or any heavy entertainment content in Kazakhstan faster than the competition?

Sign up for CDN for free and experience outstanding performance of our network for yourself.

Hosting in Kazakhstan

New CDN PoPs in Kazakhstan

Dedicated and virtual servers with high-speed channels, DDoS protection and advanced features will be available in Almaty soon.

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