New Gcore Protection PoP is launched in South Korea

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New Gcore Protection PoP is launched in South Korea

Our customers’ businesses and services operate in South Korea. And it comes for a reason, as this country enjoys one of the world’s swiftest Internet speeds and high Internet penetration rates.

South Korea
South Korea

But where there are opportunities, there are also challenges, such as DDoS attacks and cybercriminal activities. That’s why we decided to fight them: To this end, we opened a new filtering point in the Seoul data center. Now all traffic from South Korea and surrounding regions go through this DDoS Protection PoP. It has the following features:

  • Less than 1 ms latency in Seoul
  • 5–10 ms latency in the other areas of South Korea
  • Over 1 Tbps filtering capacity

The filtering center has everything it takes to protect you against high-volume attacks at L3, L4, and L7 layers. Stay protected with Gcore.

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