Gcore Basic VM Now Available in London and Mumbai

Gcore Basic VM Now Available in London and Mumbai

We’re pleased to announce that our budget-friendly virtual private servers, Gcore Basic VM, are now available in London, UK, and Mumbai, India, bringing the total number of Basic VM locations to ten worldwide. In addition, we’ve added a new CPU generation in Manassas, US, based on 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Enjoy a virtual private server for only €3.2 per month, with free egress traffic included!

What Is Gcore Basic VM?

Gcore Basic VM is a virtual private server (VPS), offering shared virtual machine access with partial core usage. It’s designed for simple tasks such as hosting a small website or a VPN server. It is an affordable option for regular users, developers, and small business owners. You can deploy a VPS in minutes and integrate it with other Gcore Edge Cloud services, including Load Balancers and cloud applications from the Gcore Marketplace.

Gcore Basic VM is capable of supporting lightweight applications such as:

  • Website or blog hosting
  • VPN server
  • Test and development environment
  • Personal project environment
  • Game server

Why Should You Choose Gcore Basic VM?

Gcore Basic VM is an excellent value-for-money and offers the following benefits:

  • Budget-friendly virtual private server
  • Free egress (outgoing) traffic
  • Powerful Intel Xeon CPUs
  • Local SSD for storage
  • Ability to use user data

Please note that there are certain limitations, including no SLA, no snapshots/backups, and no Windows flavors; check out the complete list of limitations on the product page. If you need more advanced capabilities, consider Gcore Virtual Instances.

Gcore Basic VM Locations

Gcore Basic VM is currently available in ten locations worldwide:

  • Dubai
  • Almaty
  • São Paulo
  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt
  • Mumbai
  • Hong Kong
  • Manassas
  • Tokyo

Gcore Is Committed to Expanding Its Global Coverage

Gcore aims to improve the cloud experience for our customers by expanding our global coverage and offering cost-effective and efficient solutions to everyone. Our network includes over 160 points of presence worldwide, with 25+ Edge Cloud locations. We continuously improve our services and add more locations to ensure our customers are happy, regardless of location.

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