Gcore Recognized by NVIDIA as Highly Commended Partner for AI Speech-to-Text Solution

Gcore Recognized by NVIDIA as Highly Commended Partner for AI Speech-to-Text Solution

We’re thrilled to announce that Gcore has been recognized as a highly commended partner at the NVIDIA Partner Awards EMEA 2024. Gcore was acknowledged in the Industry Innovation category for creating the first AI speech-to-text translator for Luxembourgish. Read on to learn more about NVIDIA Partner Awards EMEA and our innovative solution.

What is NVIDIA Partner Awards EMEA?

The NVIDIA Partner Awards EMEA celebrates the outstanding contributions of NVIDIA partners across EMEA to the collective success of the partner ecosystem. The awards are divided into six categories, including Industry Innovation, in which Gcore was recognized. The Industry Innovation Award is presented to pioneering partners that develop innovative applications using NVIDIA technologies.

Alt text: NVIDIA’s Industry Innovation category in which Gcore was recognized

About Gcore Speech-to-Text Translator

Gcore built Speech-to-Text Translator on top of Whisper Small, a pre-trained model for automatic speech recognition and speech translation. To fine-tune the model, Gcore used servers powered by NVIDIA A100 GPUs.

As Luxembourgish is a predominantly spoken-only language in Luxembourg, it lacked adequate tools for written communication. Speech-to-Text Translator is designed to solve this problem. It’s also free and unlimited for use.

Gcore’s solution is being integrated into corporate systems and Luxembourgish messaging apps to help preserve the language and support those who learn it. Speech-to-Text Translator can also be used to create Luxembourgish subtitles for movies, translate theater recordings into text, and facilitate the use of the language on government chat services.

Future Plans

We’re currently working on enabling real-time translation during conferences and events. We also plan to add other languages commonly used in Luxembourg, such as French and German, to the translation tool for better cross-language communication.


We’re honored to be recognized by a market leader like NVIDIA as a highly commended partner in industry innovation and for our contribution to the AI landscape. Gcore Speech-to-Text Translator sets a new standard and demonstrates our leadership in Edge AI services.

Speech-to-Text Translator, along with GPU Cloud for AI training and Inference at the Edge for AI inference (to be announced), comprise Gcore’s Edge AI solutions, all powered by NVIDIA GPUs. To try Gcore GPU Cloud, fill out this form, and our sales team will be in touch.

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