What are the changes in the control panel

What are the changes in the control panel

There are 4 services integrated into Gcore control panel.

After signing up for an account on our website, you can activate and pay with a bank card for CDN, Media Platform, Storage, and DDoS Protection.

A free trial period is provided after activating any of the services. Trial period conditions for each service are specified separately.

How to activate a new service

To activate any new service, click on the tab with the name of the service in the control panel or click on the user profile in the upper right corner of the page and select “Services” under “Payment information”.

What are the changes in the control panel

How to start streaming

To broadcast live and on-demand video content, connect Media Platform. After signing up for an account, activate CDN, as media content is always delivered via our global network.

CDN and Media Platform are activated simultaneously, but operate independently of each other. Each of the services is subject to specific restrictions for the duration of the trial period, which are specified in the control panel.

What are the changes in the control panel

How to store content with us

You can also connect and configure Object Storage in the control panel.

Click on the corresponding tab, read the conditions of the trial period and activate the service.

What are the changes in the control panel

How to get protected against DDoS attacks

We offer a specialized service to protect websites and applications against DDoS attacks of any complexity and volume. The service works on the principle of reverse-proxy, so to integrate this service you only need to configure DNS record for the domain that you want to protect.

Advanced protection technology allows even single bot requests to be recognized and cut off. That’s how we repel low-frequency attacks at the application level and protect resources from parsing, brute force and other malicious bot activities.

Enable DDoS Protection free of charge for 3 websites for 7 days in the control panel.

Can I change the plan?

Yes. The plan selected during sign-up process can be changed in the control panel to any other plan even during the trial period. After the end of the trial period it is possible to switch to another plan only from the beginning of next month.

Can I opt out of using the service?

Yes. You can suspend any of the services in the control panel at any time after activation. If you have suspended the service during the trial period, it will be deactivated after the end of the trial period. If you decide to terminate the service within the prepaid month, it will only be deactivated at the end of the month.

How to switch to a personal plan

Let’s say you need more traffic. Fill out an application form on any page of our website or write to us via technical support chat, and we will make you a favorable personal offer.

What are the changes in the control panel

The all-in-one control panel saves time on switching between various services. Sign up for a Gcore account and manage storage, delivery and protection of your content with comfort.

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