How we helped Shopcada e-commerce platform reduce CDN costs and maintain better performance in Singapore

Shopcada was founded in 2009 in Singapore. It is an omnichannel retail solution that encompasses e-commerce, POS for physical shop and marketplaces integration. The company not only helps clients launch their own online businesses, but also helps them grow.

Since then, it’s become one of the most popular e-commerce platform among developers of web design and e-commerce solutions.

Clients use Shopcada as the centrepiece of their retail business, where all product information, customer information and sales are within Shopcada, and allows them to sell online and offline.

Shopcada services include:

  • Marketing communications
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content and sales management
  • Sales scalability
  • Getting real-time sales information


“Shopcada is an e-commerce platform. We want the visitors to our customers’ websites to not have to wait for them to load and to make purchases as efficiently as possible.”

Ethan Cheong

CEO of Shopcada

To meet these needs, a powerful content delivery network was required with points of presence in both Asia and the largest hubs around the world.

The task

Even at the launch stage of the project, Shopcada understood that the service would need a proven and reliable content delivery network. It was then that they became customers of one of the largest CDN providers in the world. However, over the 12 years of the company’s operation, the customer traffic passing through their services has grown significantly and the requirements for the infrastructure have increased, so they wanted to reduce the costs associated with it.

“As our traffic began to grow, we started looking for cost-effective ways to deliver content. The provider we used did the job perfectly. We’ve really enjoyed flawless collaboration over the years. However, today, many providers boast superior performance, and then the price becomes the deciding factor. And we wanted to save money.”

Ethan Cheong

CEO of Shopcada

CDN prices in Asia in July 2021


Shopcada tried many times to switch vendors for a more profitable one: “We tried many different service providers and were not completely satisfied, so we remained customers of the same vendor for many years, despite the higher cost.”

To select a new provider, the Shopcada team compared the performance of popular CDNs on the independent service “Gcore caught our attention there. We did a test run and were pleased with both the delivery speed of our customers’ content and the excellent price,” says Ethan Cheong.

The results

Since moving to Gcore, the Shopcada team has managed not only to dramatically reduce infrastructure budgets, but also to maintain superior performance on their customers’ websites.

“I want to be able to quickly deliver content to my visitors, and Gcore does a great job of this.”

Ethan Cheong

CEO of Shopcada

Shopcada got a reliable vendor at a good price, improved response times, and made it easier to deploy websites with a convenient API.

Why Gcore CDN?

  • Support of required protocols
  • Convenient control panel
  • Advanced content protection
  • Flexible delivery settings
  • Low prices—same all over the world

“The technical support made a special impression on us. This is another strong point of Gcore,” summed up Ethan Cheong.

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