How OnlineChannel.TV accelerated video streaming services with Gcore

Gcore helped OnlineChannel.TV overcome challenges with its platform’s performance, resulting in an improved user experience, increased customer base, and higher revenue.

OnlineChannel.TV is a leading online streaming platform that provides live and on-demand video content to its customers. The platform was recently launched, and it has grown its user base steadily over time. However, with the increasing demand for online video content, OnlineChannel.TV needed to improve its platform’s performance to meet the growing customer needs.

The challenge

The major challenge faced by OnlineChannel.TV was frequent downtimes, which made it difficult for customers to access the content. Furthermore, the existing infrastructure was unable to accommodate the growing number of users, leading to slow loading times and poor video quality. Additionally, the cost and the lack of technical support offered by other providers made it difficult for OnlineChannel.TV to find a suitable partner.

The company’s management has long been searching for a suitable provider who could give their streaming platform a reliable and high-end infrastructure.

The solution

Gcore provided a comprehensive solution to OnlineChannel.TV’s challenges.

  1. Cloud Hosting: Gcore provided OnlineChannel.TV with a cloud-based hosting solution that allowed the platform to scale its infrastructure to meet growing customer needs. This ensured that the platform could handle a large number of users without experiencing downtimes.
  2. Content Delivery Network (CDN): Gcore implemented a CDN that distributed content to customers through a network of servers, reducing the load on the platform’s servers and improving the overall streaming experience.
  3. Load Balancing: Gcore implemented a load balancing system that ensured that the platform’s resources were distributed evenly, improving performance and preventing downtimes.
  4. Pricing: Gcore was willing to work with OnlineChannel.TV to help them become successful.

“We talked to several others, and there were multiple reasons why we couldn’t go with them, including cost, features, and access to technical support (which is key for our success). Gcore, on the other hand, was willing to work with us to help us become successful. They believe that if we win, they win. A model that we go by ourselves. Gcore’s infrastructure is a great value for money, and their technical support has been instrumental in helping us overcome the challenges we faced. We are glad to have partnered with Gcore and look forward to growing our business together.”

Marty Jean-Louis

CEO of OnlineChannel.TV

The results

The implementation of Gcore’s solutions resulted in a significant improvement in the platform’s performance. The platform’s uptime increased, and customers could access content without experiencing downtimes. The loading times improved, and the video quality was enhanced, leading to a better streaming experience for customers. Consequently, OnlineChannel.TV’s customer base grew, and the platform’s revenue increased.

Gcore’s cloud hosting solution, CDN implementation, and load balancing system provided OnlineChannel.TV with a comprehensive solution that addressed the platform’s challenges. The improvements in performance resulted in an enhanced customer experience, leading to increased revenue for the platform. The successful partnership between OnlineChannel.TV and Gcore demonstrates the importance of choosing the right partner to address the challenges faced by online streaming platforms.

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