How to integrate video calls into a platform for virtual and hybrid events: the case of Momento Solutions

How to integrate video calls into a platform for virtual and hybrid events: the case of Momento Solutions

Momento Solutions is a software solution service for virtual and hybrid events. The company was founded in California in 2017. Its mission is to provide a high-quality attendance service for events of any scale, flexibly configurable and at a reasonable price.

The task

As one of the most sought-after companies in the US virtual event market, Momento Solutions has continually worked to improve its product. In the fall of 2020, the company launched the Momento Live service—a virtual event platform where visitors can communicate with each other and easily interact with the speaker.

To achieve this, their own resources were not enough: the developers of Momento Solutions could implement the visual part of the platform on their own, but a reliable contractor was needed to provide the product with a streaming service and video calls. They turned to Gcore for help.

Providing one-to-many broadcasts

One of the options for the operation of the Momento Live service was the classic one-to-many format: the speaker broadcasts, and the others watch the performance in the player, without the ability to communicate with each other.

To solve this problem, it was enough to connect Gcore Streaming Platform and brand the player.

Providing one-to-many broadcasts

Conferences between participants

The second option for Momento Live required a painstaking approach to its implementation. As a result, the service was supposed to provide conferences between participants where they can choose a roundtable discussion on topics, join the desired conversation, if there are free seats, and start communicating with each other.

“This functionality required a streaming platform with the Meet video calling service, which we launched in early 2020. However, it was necessary to adapt our existing product to the needs of the customer.”

Alex Peterson

Product Owner of Gcore Streaming  Platform

Conferences between participants

How we adapted the service for Momento Live

Integration via iframe. We built a simple integration of video calls into the website via an iframe, without the need for the customer to program video and configure connections to video servers.

Branding. We completely branded the service UI in accordance with the customer’s requirements: added the logo, changed the color scheme and background images. This way, we ensured a seamless visual experience between the customer’s main website and the page for video calls.

Client API. We added advanced interface control via the client API, which allowed turning users’ webcams and microphones on/off and switching to the screen sharing and presentation modes.

Server API. We introduced advanced service management, session moderation, and statistics collection via the server API, which provides a secure connection to the customer’s server. It sends notifications about user actions, stores a list of participants, records the time of entry and exit for billing and statistics, and allows the customer to manage the audience remotely.

Integration with CMS. We integrated the service with the CMS subsystem of the website for registering users, and also provided the display of participants’ names without having to enter them twice.

The results

The Momento Live platform has turned out exactly the way it was originally conceived by the founder.

“We were researching the business streaming services market for a long time, looking for a service that would bring our initial concept to life. Thanks to Gcore, we managed to achieve everything we had conceived. Our product, which was already in demand in the virtual events industry, has become exactly what we have been striving for for a long time. Your team perfectly solves any of our tasks at all stages of cooperation. We are currently working on the implementation of the Gcore streaming panel, which will bring another advantage to our service.”

David Jimenez Burgos

CEO of Momento Solutions

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