Content delivery managing: Origins Group

Content delivery managing: Origins Group

We enhanced Control Panel functionality which allows more flexibility in configuring your CDN Resources. It is now possible to manage origins in the group by disabling one or more sources to pull content from.

How to create an origin group

You can create a group of origins by specifying IP addresses or domain names of several sources. Using several origins helps to improve failover and organize load balancing.

After creating a group you can manage origins in it, e.g. by choosing to use a source as a backup or disabling it. We have also introduced changes to the Control Panel interface to make enabling/disabling origins easier. It may come into play when a source was disabled for a long time by the client or due to breakdown. Now this problem can be solved in just a couple of clicks.

Advanced options for reliability

The more advanced options include using next upstream and using origin as a backup.

The first case is applicable when you have several origin sources with the same content on each of them to ensure failover of service. If your origin becomes unavailable, CDN servers automatically redirect all the requests to the next available origin listed in the origins group. If none of your origins is available, CDN will respond with the code from the last origin in the list.

The second option excludes one of your origins from the Round Robin balancing. The CDN will request content from this origin only if one of the active origins becomes unavailable.

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